Ntsako Mgiba is the founder of exciting startup JONGA, a Mail & Guardian Top 200 Young South African, a Mandela Rhodes Scholar, a Mechatronics Engineering graduate (UCT) and a current Masters in Information Technology student (UCT).

When a good friend and I first considered starting a business of our own, the first three people we spoke to pointed us in the direction of Ntsako Mgiba.

So we eventually sat him down at a restaurant, told him our idea and asked for advice. It became instantly clear to us why everyone recommended that we should chat to him: he is wise beyond his years.

Since then, he’s become a friend and mentor of mine and I couldn’t be more excited to tell you that he’s started his own YouTube channel: The Focused Millennial.

I managed to get some insight from him on The Focused Millennial….

The Gap:

There is a gap for high-quality leadership and entrepreneurship content that is relevant and appealing to the African Millennial. The reason is that these are considered mature topics and as such, they are typically taught to us by older people in very exclusive settings such as MBAs, etc. The context is very rarely rooted in our local setting, with all the unique challenges that come with being an African.

The Idea:

A YouTube Channel in which the content speaks about these topics and tries to answer some of the most common questions that one asks themselves when starting any venture in their lives. The Focused Millennial is a home for good quality leadership, entrepreneurship and productivity content that is relevant and appealing for the next generation of leaders, innovators and game-changers!

The Hope/Expectation:

The hope is that the content on the channel will assist young African innovators and change-makers take practical steps towards bringing their visions to life. It will help people think through the challenges that they will experience with clarity, whether they are a student, young professional working in corporate or a budding entrepreneur.

Type of Content:

● How running a business made me perform better in University
● Fundraising 101
● How do I turn my passion project into a business?
● What should I do in the early stages of my business?
● The power of an idea

Here is Ntsako’s second upload “How to get started with a business idea – 5 simple steps”.

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