Given the fact that I returned to Cape Town this year (no longer a student), I knew I had about four months before leaving to Dublin where I could really focus on personal growth and development.

I also knew that if the four months went by and I hadn’t experienced significant growth, I’d be really disappointed in myself.

Luckily, due to the fact that I was really pushing the UCONNECT idea, I found myself in spaces where I was really being challenged to think differently, learn and grow.

My days generally comprised of coffees, breakfasts and lunch meetings with anyone and everyone who I found interesting. I also tried my best to attend any talks and conferences that I found could be of value (10Times is a great app to use if you want to find conferences, by the way).

It’s really mind-blowing to experience how the network effect takes its course: a coffee with someone interesting always results in me being introduced to at least two more interesting people.

In doing all of this, a great opportunity presented itself:

I had been individually meeting with three specific guys on a regular basis who were really adding a lot of value to my thinking. Importantly, each of these guys were adding complete different dimensions to my learning (optimising my routines, my outlook on transformation and my perspective on technology as a tool for change).

However, while I was meeting each guy individually, I found myself sharing the lessons I had been learning from the other two! And that’s when it really struck me: I really needed to get all three of these guys in the same place at the same time.

And so we formed the Book Club.

The Book Club (Sam, Myself, Khanyo and Seko)

Every Thursday morning at 9am sharp, the four of us would meet for about two hours over breakfast. Despite the fact that we became really good friends, those two hours were strictly about sharing information to help each other grow. 

We each knew that we had to bring something new to the table at each sitting (whether it be from a book you are reading, a talk you attended or just something you happened to learn in the past week).

It worked out pretty well in the sense that the four of us all had different interests, so we’d get a diverse range of lessons to digest. I guess if you look at it from another perspective, it’s like we were curating content for each other to learn from. Towards the end, we even got to the point that we were pitching business ideas to one another for feedback and input!

To cut a long story short, I really enjoyed this idea of being intentional about learning and I think we all saw the benefits in sharing information and getting valuable information back in return. 

And while I’ve left Cape Town, the Book Club will live on, every Thursday morning at 9am sharp.

Ps. stay tuned for a series of guest blog posts from a bunch of young people who I really learnt from this year!

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