This past Tuesday, I finally said goodbye to Cape Town after 4 and a bit years. While I had anticipated to leave at the end of last year, the bonus few months I had back in the city really allowed me to refocus, reflect, learn a lot about myself and of course, have a lot of fun.

I must say, the experience of leaving the place that I’ve grown so fond of was bitter-sweet:

I’ve made life-long friends, made a lot of mistakes, failed (forward), laughed, achieved, succeeded, had a lot of fun, and most importantly, learned a lot.

In hindsight, I’m not overly proud of the person that I was in the beginning of my university career. I think that leaving high school as someone that was “popular” definitely impacted the way I approached university: in my quest to regain “popularity”, I found myself really forgetting who I was and spending time in spaces that I did not necessarily enjoy. In addition, I had an unnecessarily large circle of friends that I’d try my best to impress.

While I’m not overly proud, I don’t have a single regret, because during the time that I’d like to think I was lost, I made a handful of incredibly loyal friends who I’ve carried along with me to this day (even though I’ve changed).

Admittedly, It took a while and a serious relationship for me to realise that I was in fact not the person I’d like to be.

Last year, I moved into an apartment with my best friend (who I’ve been with through primary school, high school and university). And by absolute chance, my best friend from pre-school moved in next door. This was perhaps exactly what I needed, as spending quality time with people who really knew me helped me to realise who I actually am.

And over the course of the past year, my circle has become significantly smaller. 

The people who I’ve chosen to spend time with are those who really have my best interests at heart. 

I’ve made a bunch of new friends too, and I’ve been able to successfully introduce them to some of my old friends.

Importantly, it feels like we’re all growing together.

While it took a while for this to happen, I am so glad that I could leave Cape Town with such a firm foundation in place. 

In general, I do feel like it’s the right time to move on. I’m a bit too comfortable there and I feel like I need to move on to continue learning.

(However, I’m still doing a lot of reflecting and will be posting a series of lessons I’ve learnt from people this year.)

Going forward, I’ll be spending several days here at home in Johannesburg to get my stuff in order to move overseas. The next step in my journey takes me to Dublin, Ireland where I’ve been fortunate enough to land a cool job. (I’m super excited to start life in a new city where I can truly start on a clean slate!)

I’m also really looking forward to documenting the next step in my journey right here on this blog!

Cape Town’s CBD in the evening

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