Laduma Ngxokolo (founder and designer of my favourite brand, Maxhosa) is one of my biggest inspirations.

To see what the likes of himself, Nelson Makamo (artist) and Black Coffee (DJ) are doing to fly the South African flag on a global stage is nothing short of extraordinary. And in a country where we as young people can be so easily influenced by what the Western world constantly throws at us, having local heroes like this to look up to is so important.

So when Tumelo Mahlare and I were invited by Maxhosa to attend “Amasiko Nezithethe”, their showcase at the AFI Cape Town Fashion week, we didn’t flinch to show support for our favourite designer and brand.

To cut a long story short, we ended up sitting next to Astrid Wendlandt and the following interview took place:

PS. If you’re interested to hear more about Laduma’s story, definitely give this podcast a listen:

Me pictured with Laduma after the show.

Me pictured (in my Maxhosa shirt) with Black Coffee in December 2018.

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