On Monday, Holly Beckley, Joel Perlman and I presented our Honours thesis findings at a conference at the University of Cape Town.

I’m really proud to say that we received 91% for our final thesis report and topped our class for the year! As a result of this, we were presented with the 2018 Research Excellence Award.

I believe what made our thesis stand out was our ability to actually engage with Nando’s (arguably the best marketing brand in South Africa) on a topic that is really relevant in the industry right now, as opposed to a purely theoretical and academic approach.

Our study explored the following topic:

The Virality of Nando’s South Africa’s Social Media Marketing on Facebook and its Influence on Brand Equity and Purchase Intentions Amongst the Born-Free Generation in South Africa’s Three Major Metropolitan Cities.

A huge thank you must go to Doug Place, John Sikiotis, Darren Hampton and Helga du Toit from Nando’s South Africa for all of your patience and assistance!

The Research Excellence Award

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