One of my highlights this year has been a course called Strategic Thinking (all 4th year Business Science students at UCT are required to do it).

We were randomly selected into groups of 6 to complete two major projects across both semesters. With a lot of luck, I was placed in a team with 5 other hugely talented individuals:

1. Gianstelvio Radesich (AccSci & ComSci)

2. Abelo Phiri (Finance & Ecos)

3. Robin Mahlangu (Finance & Ecos)

4. Michael Crawford (Finance & Acc)

5. Nick Beal (Finance & Acc)

– For Mazars Project 1: we placed 2nd for a business strategy developed for “Department of Coffee” in Khayelitsha. (We received 81%)

– For Mazars Project 2: we were selected as 1 of 5 finalists to pitch our start-up business idea (in collaboration with Gift Lubele) called “WeCollect” to a panel of judges last week. (We received 85%)

While we didn’t end up having the winning pitch, I’d like to give a shoutout to this team for the great effort displayed this year. I personally found huge enjoyment and growth in being able to innovate with a group of people who all think about solutions differently, and ultimately, we came up with great ideas.

Most importantly, we all became really good friends and synergy was undoubtedly our biggest strength!

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