It was really inspiring listening to John Sanei at Suits & Sneakers last night. It was my second time hearing John speak about his new book and I can honestly say I was equally as blown away. (By the way, the title isn’t a typo, it’s the name of his book!)

Some of my key takeouts from his presentation:

1. We need to move towards making heartfelt (not just primal and logical) decisions.

2. We need to celebrate and prioritise curiosity.

3. Purpose-led > profit-led (you’ll know you are purpose-led when you have super fans).

4. Data (not oil) is the world’s new most valuable resource.

5. Disruptive leadership traits: be bold, work backwards from the end goal and be forever learners (unlearn, relearn and learn).

Finally: you have the power to wake up tomorrow and say “one day” or “day one”.

John Sanei delivering his keynote

Attended with:

Matthew Mercouris

Letlhogonolo Dube

Joshua Jameson

Gianstelvio Radesich

Justin HeunisG

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