Two insightful talks I attended in two nights:

1. Suits & Sneakers hosted Marnus Broodryk (entrepreneur and Shark Tank judge) who shared his story about his humble beginnings and highlighted some of the key life/business lessons he’s learnt along the way.

2. Nfinity hosted Justin Spratt 🚗 (Uber’s head of business development in sub-Saharan Africa) who spoke about disruption and the importance of fostering innovation in businesses.

  • Marnus has released a book called “90 Rules for Entrepreneurs” which I’ve heard really good reviews on.
  • Justin interestingly also touched on Uber’s goal in the South African market: give people no reason to own a second car.
Marnus Broodryk at Suits and Sneakers in Johannesburg
Justin Spratt at Nfinity

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